A Delicate Ship

by Anna Zeigler

at the Road Theatre Company

"Most notably, Perrault transcends the character of Sarah into a genuine, nuanced, and extremely complex human being. Her portrayal of Sarah's fear of loneliness, and her suffering through her father's death, is hauntingly accurate. Her desperation to control and alter her own memories is a poignant struggle with which everyone, especially survivors of trauma, can identify." 

-USC Annenberg Media

"Perrault gives Sarah equal parts girl-next-door appeal and emotional depth, revealing as much with her eyes as with her words while maintaining our sympathy even when Sarah is at her most frustratingly indecisive."


 "Perrault possesses a lovely Carey Mulligan-esque quality to her Sarah's vulnerable indecisiveness. "

-Broadway World, Los Angeles

"Under Andre Barron's sensitive and appropriately delicate direction, Perrault [is] superb."

-LA Times

"A young couple, at the very beginning of their love, are together on Christmas Eve.  Sarah and Sam played exquisitely by Paris Perrault and Philip Orazio are full of the potential of their future, shyly flirting, with talks of marriage and children in the air... and allowed these three riveting actors to truly find each other and themselves in their roles."

-NoHo Arts District


 "Perrault highlights the desperate confusion of a woman torn in two directions."

-Stage Raw

The Water's Edge

by Theresa Rebeck

at The Road Theatre Company

"Erica (vivid Paris Perrault), his daughter, reacts with hostility tempered by Daddy's Favorite conflicts."

-LA Times


"Perrault is no less commanding a pressence as the no-nonsense daughter whose vitriolic mask hides a bottomless need." 



"Perrault's finely tuned transformation from pissed-off to softened-up to freaked-out reveals a young actress to be watched."



"Perrault is emotionally vivid as Erica, initially furious at her absent father, then tenatively trying to trust him." 



"Paris Perrault is ferosciously feisty."

-Tolucan Times


"Perrault, a girl who barely remembers her father, is positively ferocious as the short-fused daughter, and touching when she tries to resist his overtures to win her affection."


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